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I am Kersti. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the mystical, supernatural, and invisible parts of our world. At the same time, I have always been interested in human nature and searching the reason why we were born here.

However, I must admit that despite my interest in unusual subjects, I have always been the Great Skeptic - strictly a believer in science, and without evidence (or confirmation from personal experience) I won't believe anything for fun. I used to have the same situation with astrology - it seemed to be a simple and easy entertainment, as my only exposure to astrology had been reading horoscope columns in newspapers/magazines or Sun sign descriptions. Some years ago, however, I decided to dig a little deeper, purely out of curiosity, and partly to become smarter, so that I could reasonably confirm that astrology is pure entertainment.

To my surprise, I found out that our Sun sign describes only a small fraction of our birth chart, and indeed we all have a piece of each zodiac sign in us (but for each one of us it describes a different area of ​​life) - so the popular belief, that read which horoscope you want, you can still find something that works for you, is partially confirmed! However, when I delved into the various details of the birth chart, I discovered more and more pieces of my puzzle that began to fall into place. Of course, it can be argued here again that this is a human phenomenon and we tend to attribute the appropriate personality traits/life events to ourselves (and ignore the rest, as it were). But... when I got to the part of learning different techniques, I have to admit that I was awestruck. It seemed incredible how much the various planetary placements (and their corresponding archetypal descriptions) overlapped with the milestones of my life.

So the Great Skeptic became a Great Believer instead. Okay, I'm still a skeptic, and I still apply critical thinking to anything that hasn't been proven, but in the field of astrology, I have confirmed through my own personal experience that it works. I also found more and more confirmation of this when studying the birth charts of my family and friends.

Most of my knowledge in astrology has been acquired through independent studies by digging deep into various textbooks. It has been supported by various lectures and workshops with international teachers, of whom I can specifically highlight are Kelly Surtees and Chris Brennan who have influenced my knowledge base the most. I have gained important knowledge also from several other astrologers, but the list would be too long to point them all out here.

In my approach to astrology, I interweave both traditional and modern astrological techniques, as this way we can get even more amazing results in learning about ourselves and making better choices for ourselves.

My goal in astrological counselling is to help you discover different aspects of yourself through the analysis of your natal chart, so that you can be more self-aware and know where your potential lies. I believe that if you are more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it helps you establish a better contact with yourself and teaches you to value yourself and develop your true potential. And in my opinion this is the basis for achieving inner satisfaction and happiness.

With the help of astrology, I can help you find your purpose in life, move forward from stumbling blocks and obstacles, and turn challenges into new opportunities. Getting to know and delineating your own birth chart will help you connect with your inner wisdom and help you see that the answers to so many questions are actually already within you - my task is simply to bring them out of hiding and into the light.

I consult in Estonian and English.

Already looking forward to helping you create a better connection with yourself through astrology!

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