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Saturn will continue to move in Pisces throughout 2024, making you work harder in this area of ​​life, invest time and energy, learn to take responsibility. If you were born after sunset and before sunrise (i.e. you have a nocturnal birth chart), you may experience more obstacles, suffering, or setbacks in this area of ​​life. In more difficult cases, situations may arise where there is a wall in your path and you cannot continue along this path - then you have to find a new path, because the previous journey is no longer for you. It depends on how much you have stepped on the path of life by listening and following your heart. Saturn is known in astrology as the Great Teacher. His goal is to teach you and guide you to work on yourself - to put you in different situations so that you learn to take responsibility and stand up for yourself, so you would gain experience and knowledge (which can therefore also lead to mastery in a certain field) to learn to face your fears.

Saturn moves in your 12th house and the same themes as last year continue. You may feel a greater need to be alone, or some life events force you to withdraw socially and be more by yourself. Or you prefer to stay away from social events and feel more satisfied when you are alone, or on the contrary, although you feel a great need to find time for yourself, the pace of life does not want to allow this in any way, which can cause internal frustration. So you have to learn to find time for yourself. Various health problems are possible, especially related to mental health, so get enough rest, exercise and eat healthily to keep anxiety, depression, and stress at bay. In some cases, you may also have something to do with isolated places, e.g. hospitals, prisons, monasteries, etc. - you can be of help there or find yourself there for some reason.

The nodes of the Moon will move in 2024 through the signs of Aries and Libra. Eclipse periods bring new beginnings and endings to your life to push you along the path your soul has come to experience on its earthly journey. It is time to let go of what has served its time and embrace the new. Sometimes these changes are internal, sometimes external. The less you follow the call of your fate, the more dramatic the changes can be. The first cycle of eclipses takes place in March and April - on 25 March there will be a lunar eclipse in Libra and on 08 April a solar eclipse in Aries. The second cycle of eclipses takes place in September and October - on 18 September there will be the first lunar eclipse in Pisces, which gives an idea of ​​the changes awaiting in the coming year, and on 02 October there will be a solar eclipse in Libra. Lunar eclipses occur during the Full Moon and are mostly associated with the endings and culminations of certain life stages and letting go of things. Solar eclipses are also accompanied by the end of a stage in life, but so that something new can begin (even if it is initially only an idea).

This year, you will feel the effects of eclipses mainly in your self and partnership houses (1st and 7th houses). You will experience endings and letting go of things as well as new beginnings in these areas. If you are in a relationship, you may experience trials and tests in the existing relationship. They either bring you closer together or, if the relationship is not built on a strong foundation, they tear you apart. However, if you are still single, there is a high probability that you will meet someone special this year, turning your current lifestyle upside down. It's time to discover who you are and what you want from life or what you expect from your relationship(s). You may experience moments where you feel that you are losing yourself in the relationship or, on the contrary, that you are relying too much on yourself. In any case, you can learn to create a balance between the two. The lunar eclipse in Pisces in September brings out the same topics that Saturn has already been doing and will continue to teach you. Something needs to be given up once and for all, or it's time to close a door that you've been holding open for too long.

This year, Pluto will move into Aquarius for good (from 21 Jan), dipping back into Capricorn in the autumn (02 Sep - 19 Nov) to tie up some last loose ends, but then it will remain in the sign of Aquarius until 2043. Pluto is the Great Transformer - he pulls you out of your comfort zone, brings out the skeletons that are hidden in your closet, and forces you to face your true nature. Everything that has outlived its time must leave or change so that you can grow and evolve towards your deeper nature and true calling. In order for something new to start, it is often necessary to tear down the old one. Not always, but mostly. If Pluto is in the sign of Scorpio in your birth chart, this transit is particularly important and transformative for you.

Pluto will finally move to your 11th house for some time, although it will briefly dip back to the 10th house in the autumn to tie up the last loose ends in your career. With Pluto moving through your 11th house, it's time to review who are your real friends and who are not. Who will go through thick and thin with you, who won't. In the next few decades, you can expect big changes in friendships - either you will grow apart or your friends' true colors will be revealed. Pluto's changes are not light or small, but transformative on a deeper level. Pluto encourages you to look at the truth of your dreams for the future - are you living according to your heart or do you need to be shaken a little so that you dare to listen to the voice of your heart?

Jupiter will move in the sign of Taurus until the end of May, and during this time, a powerful conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus will also take place in mid-April, bringing unexpected good opportunities or changes in your worldview in this area of ​​life that is ruled by the sign of Taurus in your birth chart. Jupiter is called the Great Benefic in astrology. He usually brings luck, good opportunities, and abundance. Especially for those born during the day. However, if you forget your common sense, it can bring setbacks, because Jupiter has a habit of increasing, widening, and expanding everything - therefore there is a greater risk of getting into extremes and exaggerations. According to Estonian time, Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini on 26 May (according to UT 25 May), expanding a new area in your life.

Until the end of May, Jupiter moves in your 2nd house, which is responsible for your income and finances. The first half of the year should be financially carefree for you. Money comes in more easily, but be careful with spending because it tends to go out just as easily. Although you don't have to worry about finances, don't sit back and wait for profitable offers to fall into your lap from the sky. Jupiter does not simply bring abundance into your life, but he offers you opportunities and supports you in whatever plans you implement. An unexpectedly good opportunity to increase your income may come to you in mid-April.

From the end of May, when Jupiter moves into your 3rd house, you can expect smoother and more fluent communication with others. Thoughts fly easily and good ideas flow from the door and windows. Communication with siblings, aunts and uncles, and neighbors is especially encouraged. You can hear good and interesting news from them. Unexpected weekend trips may occur or you may simply discover your home region in a new way.

Mars will go retrograde again at the end of 2024. This time, he will start retrograding in the sign of Leo and moves back into Cancer in early 2025, arising again the issues that were under the focus from the beginning of September until the beginning of November. Mars moves into the sign of Leo at the beginning of November (04 Nov) and goes retrograde on 07 Dec Estonian time (06 Dec UT). The placement of Mars in a house directs your focus and energy to topics and people related to that house. You are more active and busy in these areas and ready to fight and compete, but at the same time it can also bring more impatience, suddenness, irritability, impulsiveness, and even anger. During Mars retrograde, you may be ready for conflicts, obstacles, or setbacks in these areas of life or with the people represented by this house (especially if you were born during the day), but sometimes awareness of such energetic influences will help you control yourself better or take time consciously to calm down.

Mars moves in the sign of Leo in your 5th house, and therefore you may be more busy with issues related to children. Do the children need more work or is something happening in their life that causes you anxiety and worry. At the same time, it is a good time to plan joint activities with the children or do sports together. You have more energy and motivation to pursue your hobbies and creative activities. In romantic relationships, you are attuned to the sexuality and romance themes and you can let your adventurous spirit free. However, try not to overdo it with flirting. During Mars retrograde, you can be more impulsive and easily irritated, so try not to take it out on the children. Channel your inner anger into creativity or sports, for example. During retrograde, you can be overly possessive and jealous in romantic relationships, which can scare potential partners away.

During September and October, pay attention to what is happening in your home, with your real estate, or family relationships, because at the beginning of 2025, Mars will move back into your 4th house and bring these topics back to the table.

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