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Pisces rising sign

Polarity: passive / feminine / negative

Element: water

Modality: mutable

Ruling planet: Jupiter

As a Pisces rising sign, you leave a kind, sentimental, and empathetic impression on others. You make others feel that you can be trusted. With the help of your strong intuition, you perceive well the undercurrents of other's emotions and are able to perfectly adapt yourself to others. You are very sensitive to the people and circumstances around you and absorb everything like a sponge, whether it is good or bad. Therefore, you tend to take over the emotions of others and interpret them as your own - during your life you have to learn to distinguish between your feelings and those of others. Due to your own sensitivity, you are also very influenced by the opinions of others, and therefore you can often change your mind.

You are not a practical and logical person, but rather a dreamy and creative artistic soul. You appear to others as if you are floating somewhere in the clouds all the time. You have a gentle and patient nature and are also generous, compassionate, and friendly. However, your benevolence can sometimes be misused, so you need to learn how to set and maintain your own boundaries. You tend to escape from worldly problems and negative emotions, either through daydreaming, spiritual practices, watching movies, engaging in art or music, or, in extreme cases, through the consumption of different substances. Your task is to learn how to stay grounded and cope with everyday responsibilities.

In appearance, medium height and finer boned. With brown hair, a round face, and small teeth. The eyes are often large and attractive, water-colored, rather fixed or slow-gazing, and almost hypnotic. In reality, however, you are elusive and mysterious, taking on many different appearances throughout your life. You may experience problems with your feet.

Celebrities with Pisces rising sign:

Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Whitney Houston, Antonio Banderas, Robert Redford, George Clooney, Laura Dern, David Carradine, Dean Martin, Ringo Starr, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Cash, Alexander Graham Bell, Pablo Escobar, Jenna Elfman, Ellen DeGeneres, John Coltrane

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